About us

Harvesting the Popcorn

We have a small family farm in Southeastern Wisconsin. Art & Liola Steinke began dairy farming here in 1954, later renting and then selling the farm to their son Wayne and his wife Jeanne.

Liola always grew a huge garden, canning and preserving the fruits and vegetables to feed her family through the year. Sweet corn was always a family favorite. Around 1975 the sweet corn field was expanded and we began to sell the corn from a roadside stand on the farm. Every year the sweet corn field grew larger. In 1998 the cows were sold so we could concentrate our efforts on the Farm Market. That year a wide variety of vegetables and fruits were added and we began selling at local Farmer's Markets as well as at the farm. In the spring of 2000 we planted our first crop of Baby Rice and Black Popcorn. Currently our farm grows about 60 acres of popcorn and 15 acres of vegetables. The remaining acres are planted in Soybeans. During the summer months we can be found at 2 Farmer's Markets a week, the Dane County Farmer's Market and West Bend Market, both on Saturday mornings.

The Black and Baby Rice varieties are specialty, heirloom popcorns that are not easy to grow and do not provide high yields. Therefore they are not commercially grown and are difficult to find. Occasionally we forget ourselves and eat a modern commercial variety of popcorn. We are quickly reminded of what makes our popcorn special and what brings our customers coming back to us again and again.

All three varieties of popcorn that we grow - Black, Baby Rice and Tender White - are non-GMO popcorn.

The Gourmet Black, Baby Rice, and Tender White popcorn varieties focus on taste, texture, and overall quality. We are absolutely sure that if you love popcorn and give us a try, you will never return to commercially sold varieties again!